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The bigger the company, the more complex its customer experience (CX) ecosystem typically becomes. That’s where Genesys Multicloud CX contact center software comes in. Genesys Multicloud CX is the solution of choice for leading global brands that take a multi-vendor approach to CX.

Bring together the partners and technologies you need to realize your vision. The Genesys team offers transformational services every step of the way — from mapping your systems, processes and journeys to showcasing your success after launch.

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Execute ideal journeys with flexibility

Infrastructure choice

Choose the right cloud architecture. Deploy Genesys Multicloud CX across multiple cloud vendors; it’s available through on-premises, public or private cloud models for flexibility and control.

Powerful routing

Match the right resource to the right customer for better results. Best-in-class routing makes the most of automated and assisted engagements. Monitor it all in real time with unparalleled analytics.

Unified experiences

Unify all voice and digital channels, self-service, work items, and inbound and outbound interactions. Create more holistic, personalized experiences for your customers and employees.

Allies make for great customer experiences

Your multivendor ecosystem is part of your success. Genesys has forged strategic alliances and partnerships
that make it easy to maximize your investments.

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Provide tailored experiences and leverage existing Microsoft investments, from artificial intelligence (AI) and Teams to Azure — a global cloud platform built for security and scale.

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Combine natural language understanding (NLU) and speech capabilities from Google Cloud with industry-leading enterprise cloud contact center software from Genesys.

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Personalize experiences across sales, marketing and service with digital event and real-time data. Listen to your customers, understand intent, predict their behaviors and act accordingly.

See what Genesys Multicloud CX can do


AI-optimized operations

AI-powered bots

To complement your self-service strategy, render bots across all channels — from web and mobile to messaging apps and voice. Intent classification ensures your customers are connected to the right self-service process or agent skill, improving containment and FCR.

Predictive routing

Predictive routing harnesses the power of AI to get the results you define as most important. Whether your goal is to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency or drive revenue, you can customize the model that determines the best agent-to-customer match.

Predictive engagement

Predictive engagement lets you proactively observe and analyze customers’ attributes and behaviors when they’re on your website or interacting with your contact center. You can better predict what customers want to achieve when they interact with your brand — and respond accordingly.

Customer self-service

Speech-enabled IVR

Provide customer self-service and agent-assisted service with IVR flows you can administer yourself while leveraging the industry’s best speech recognition capabilities. And, if an agent is needed, seamlessly transition the customer — with full context — to the right agent at the right time.


Simplify the customer journey with conversational voicebots that move freely across interactions and channels. Manage, unify and orchestrate any bot across phone calls, webchat, mobile messaging and smart speakers.


Give customers 24/7 self-service assistance with AI-powered chatbots. Integrate voicebot and chatbot interactions using built-in Genesys bots and third-party options from your favorite cloud vendors.

Security and reliability

Proactive security

Genesys Multicloud CX maintains strong encryption, logical isolation, stringent multi-tenant security standards and multi-factor authentication. Industry-leading monitoring tools and quality assurance processes ensure our security experts proactively find issues long before they affect you.

Comprehensive risk management

A comprehensive approach to security safeguards your critical data and protects your assets from threats. We take a multi-faceted approach to mitigating risk, including ensuring that the entire Genesys ecosystem is thoroughly monitored and evaluated for potential risks.

Industry compliance

Genesys maintains multiple key industry and regional certifications, including FedRAMP, HITRUST and GDPR. This means your business can ensure your customers’ data remains private and that your operations comply with critical regulations — regardless of your industry or location.

Digital channels


Web chat lets you quickly resolve any customer situation, enabling your agents to respond immediately or proactively step in if a transaction stalls. Easily transition from a self-service chatbot to a live agent with full interaction context.


With Genesys Multicloud CX, email is integrated into the consistent omnichannel experience your business provides. Set up appropriate auto-responses and route emails to the right agent group based on content analysis.

SMS and messaging apps

Interact with customers through text messages, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Context and content are never lost, and conversations can resume at any time — right where they left off.


Skill- and cost-based routing

Inbound voice routing uses your company’s defined business priorities to segment and prioritize interactions by agent skill and cost-effectiveness. This enhances your ability to meet your SLAs for all voice interactions — without creating complex routing strategies or adding resources.


Offer customers the convenience of a callback. Callers keep their spot in line — but instead of waiting on hold, they can request a callback when an agent is available or at a convenient, scheduled time. You can also provide this option from your website or mobile app.

Workload distribution

Manage automated processes for workstreams and work items across an entire organization. Create a streamlined process flow that includes SLAs for tasks across an entire company and integrates with a variety of systems (ERP, CRM and more) — even homegrown integrations.


Campaign management

Create long-lasting opportunities with advanced outbound campaigns. The built-in Genesys Multicloud CX automated outbound dialer has the features, power, scale and flexibility you need to manage campaigns, assign rules, import lists, automate jobs and report on results.

Inbound/outbound blending

Genesys outbound software supports blended agents. By blending inbound and outbound calls — either to a specific agent group or the entire population of agents — you can increase agent utilization, reduce overall call wait times and smooth overall call volume.

Proactive notifications

Reach out proactively in a timely, personalized and contextual way. Automate notifications using voice, email or SMS to save time and keep customers informed.

Compliance rules

Every uploaded contact record is enriched with global compliance data. This feature enables business users to consistently adhere to global and regional regulatory requirements.

Workforce engagement

Interaction recording

Monitor engagements across channels with interaction and screen recording. Ensure that your team provides customers with accurate information. Monitor productivity to help employees work more efficiently. Protect your business with transaction recordings that hold up in a court of law.

Interaction analytics

Unlock key insights within customer interactions. With interaction analytics, you have a single application to analyze conversations across all channels in the exact same way. Mine recordings for specific phrases that indicate key events in customer experience, agent performance, sales and compliance.

Workforce management

Genesys Workforce Planning tightly integrates your contact center platform and routing. Easily manage employees across locations, communication channels, skills and work items. Boost efficiency while reducing costs associated with overtime and employee turnover.

Integrations and apps

CRM integrations

Built-in integrations deploy quickly, configure easily and provide intelligent routing for all interaction types, automated logging and screen pops. Pre-built CRM integrations are available for Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

AppFoundry Marketplace

Whether you want to integrate with a business intelligence system or introduce capabilities like agent gamification, our growing AppFoundry Marketplace has a solution to meet your needs. Genesys Multicloud CX also offers native availability to integrate with third-party workforce management systems.

APIs and SDKs

Build what you envision, in any programming language, using the same fully secured and versioned public REST API that Genesys developers use. Our APIs, SDKs and open-source projects are continually updated and our Developer Community is eager to help.

Reporting and analytics

Historical reports and analytics

Measure contact center KPIs on day one. A collection of more than 30 voice and digital reports based on industry best practices are available out of the box. Make decisions using historical insights collected on agents, agent groups, queues, routing points and more.

Real-time monitoring and analytics

Monitor and analyze your contact center activity in real time. With the dashboard tool, you can equip users with dashboards that allow them to fulfil their own reporting needs. Users can generate data visualizations, combine multiple reports into a single view and create unique reporting stories.

Designer analytics

Analyze the behavior of your self-service and assisted-service applications in real time. Dashboards allow you to quickly diagnose faults, navigate problems and identify situations that affect your business performance.

Secure. Resilient. Compliant.

Genesys Multicloud CX software meets and exceeds modern security standards. Key third-party certifications and rigorous regulatory compliance mean you can trust that customer and business data remain private — no matter your industry or location.

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1. Genesys also uses Standard Contractual Clauses for data transfers to the United States. 2. Only available for Genesys Multicloud CX. 3. Learn about our FedRAMP-certified solution.

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