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Make customer service more personal through your social media platforms


Make social media a hub for your brand and your base

The popular social media sites might vary, but this doesn’t: brands must meet customers where they are. And digital channels, like social media, are growing fastest. A recent Sprout Social study found that 91% of people believe in social media’s power to connect people. And 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them.

This makes social networking sites a powerful hub for conversations with your prospects and customers. By providing excellent customer service on these highly visible channels, you can boost your brand reputation. Make it easy with contact center software that integrates social media right alongside the other channels your team uses for customer support every day.

Make good customer service great on social media


Increase response rates

Make it easy to say “problem solved.” Bringing social media tools right into your contact center software helps you slash social response times for higher customer satisfaction.

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Increase revenue

Responding to social questions or comments with information about your products or services is a great way to maximize your online sales.

Eye visible

Improve brand perception

A good social media presence makes your brand feel approachable and accessible. Boost your reputation by showing up.

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Take your customer service skills where your customers are

Many contact centers scrambled to keep up as consumers adopted new social media platforms. They turned to separate point solutions, “bolted on” or cobbled together. This accidental omnichannel approach created complicated systems that are clumsy to use and expensive to manage.

Instead, make it easy to showcase your customer service skills wherever your customers are. Go beyond simple monitoring on social media channels. With contact center software by Genesys, you can maximize your social media presence.


Fully integrated social media interactions

To deliver seamless experiences across all channels, you need to capture all customer interactions in one place — social media included.

Genesys contact center software brings your social conversations into the same single system and interface you use to handle calls and chats. The unified approach helps you understand customer conversations better and respond faster. Your team has all the context it needs to provide customer service that gets your brand noticed on social media — for the right reasons.

Customer journey

Seamless social routing

Great social interactions start with getting social media posts and direct messages where they need to go. That may be a shared queue or a specific agent.

Genesys software uses the same ACD routing engine and evaluation methods for social messages as it does for phone calls and live chats. Use skills-based routing to consider skills and language requirements and then route interactions based on business rules, priority and resource availability.

Optimize staffing to drive better customer experience

Unified communication and collaboration across teams

Speed is an important part of customer service on social media. Your goal is to cordially respond as quickly as possible so customers feel heard and get their problem solved. At many companies, this requires seamless handoffs to your customer service representatives from your social media marketing team.

Genesys contact center software provides collaboration tools for your employees to work closely with each other. Whether they need to transfer an interaction or ask a quick question, the right tools make social experiences effortless for customers and employees.

Predictive analytics

Social media performance insights

This unified approach to social media in your contact center gives you clearer insights. With centralized reporting, you can see historical and real-time performance for your social media interactions, right alongside other communication channels. Spot trends, identify issues and evaluate performance to keep improving your customer experience, backed by data.

"The virtual customer experience has to equal the one they get at the branch. That means providing fast access to experts and consistent, personalized service across all touchpoints—web, mobile, and social media."

Enrico Ugoletti

Head of Direct Channel Business Services

UBI Banca

Contact center software with the tools you need to get social


Automated social listening

Really hear your customers. Automated social listening makes it easy to monitor how users are talking about your brand on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Sentiment analysis

Up your emotional intelligence. Genesys software helps you prioritize hot interactions with sentiment and actionability analysis. Automatically escalate the most urgent issues.

Twitter, Facebook, and more

Go where your customers are. Genesys streamlines your social interactions across Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and more — so you can follow the conversation anywhere.

Skills-based routing

Route it right. Skills-based routing matches visitors with the best resource to help. You can set business rules and logic to be sure each interaction goes to the right agent.

Easy channel escalation

Keep the conversation going. Sometimes you need to transition from a social comment to another channel. Easily escalate to a direct message, email, or phone call, maintaining one conversation.

Integrated reporting

Make social part of the big picture. Too often, social media is siloed from other contact center channels. We make it part of your real-time and historical reporting so you can track your efforts.

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Genesys named a Leader in the August 2021 Magic Quadrant for CCaaS

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